Sunny Strawberry Smiles

Today was all about strawberries, sunshine and lots of sparkling smiles. It's only been three days, but the joy I get from spending time in Wren's company, listening to her stories and playing her games is really very, very special.

We'd had a quieter day yesterday as I had to clear some admin for an hour or so after the morning school run. Saying that, we still managed to squeeze in hot chocolates and cake at The Exmouth, duck feeding at Park Campus and a quick play at Hatherley Park.  


Lets fast forward to today though. On the way back from dropping Jenson off at school, we called in at Primrose Vale Farm Shop. We love it there and particularly love their strawberries!! Unlike Jenson, who has the attention span of a nat, Wren can sustain an activity for a good twenty minutes before her attention turns towards that all important question of: Can I have an ice cream now please Mummy?!

Strawberry picking with just Wren is how strawberry picking ought to be: gentle, peaceful and relaxing. We meandered through the bays and Wren's eyes popped at the abundance of huge, juicy strawberries that dangled down in front of her, just within reach.

Despite my pleas to use two strawberries of the same size, she preferred to choose one large and one small strawberry for the first picture in this blog! She's a bit of a clown. Trying to get a nice shot of her smiling or giggling is quite tricky when she prefers to pull a silly face, (she has quite a repertoire.) But that's who she is so that's what the photos are, (and they're quite cute silly faces!) 

Pretty roses and Wren go together like strawberries and cream: they are the perfect combination. We love to smell the roses together at Montpellier Park and these ones were just as heavenly. I love how Wren's little Joules dress matches them too! 

Wren did eventually get that all important ice cream and looked beautiful as she swung on the swing in the sunshine.

Play always features high on the agenda and after ice creams it was time to go 'home', which in this instance was a half falling down Summer house that looked much like some of the houses that I've had the pleasure of living in! We made strawberry jam together, which Wren served up to me on brown toast. We swapped roles and I did the same for her. 

It was a big thumbs up all round!

The fun continued when we got back to our real home. Wren wanted a picnic and wrote a list of all the friends who she wanted to invite.

We laid Wren's duvet out on the floor in the living room, which was her picnic rug, and then all her friends helped to get things ready and tidy up. 

We all enjoyed a super lunch of strawberry jam sandwiches topped off with more fresh strawberries! The toys particularly enjoyed themselves.

After lunch we had a bit of a snooze and a cuddle before heading down to our local playground where I helped Wren to make an African elephant. She enjoyed pushing it on the swings, although it's looking about as enthusiastic as I do sometimes!