Girlie Days!

The last two days have been Wren's idea of heaven: shopping for pretty dresses, eating chocolate cake, making jewellery, dressing up, cuddling cute fluffy kittens and making dens and fairy potions. As Wren puts it, she loves girlie days!!

After dropping Jenson off at school, Thursday morning began with a super nice girlie breakfast at The Norwood Arms on the Bath Road. This was followed by a mooch around the charity shops. This gorgeous pretty butterfly dress caught her eye and I've barely been able to get her out of it ever since! She has loved prancing and twirling around in it! We also made a Father's Day card for Simon with some pretty butterfly stickers we bought. 


Also on our charity shop trip we came across some beads and I thought it might be nice for us to make our own jewellery.

It's also excellent for Wren's dexterity. 

We made a lovely little bracelet and a super necklace, which Wren loved to model!

Not forgetting the Anna mask (!)

Today we visited our friends - Ally and Arabella. We literally spent the whole day with them from 9am through to 6pm!!! The majority of the day was spent at their house where the girls built dens together, made potions, feasted on lunch in the sunshine and snuggled their gorgeous new kitten, Tabitha. They joined us on the school run too and then we all enjoyed a picnic at Naunton Park. A very fun, girlie couple of days!!