The Wonder of Wren

Five months have passed since the children went back to school and there hasn't been a single day that I haven't doubted the decision. I don't want to use this particular blog to complain about the school system though. This entry, and the ones that will follow, are all about the wonder that is Wren.

I'd been regretting putting Wren into school, (she was down for deferment) and so decided to ask the headmistress if she could drop down to part time hours for the remainder of the Summer term. Given there are only a handful of weeks left and Wren is a Summer baby, (technically she doesn't have to be in school until September) I had hoped she would agree. That was last Friday and the answer had been no. When I picked the children up from school that afternoon I handed in Wren's de-registration letter. No one gets to deny me time with my daughter; time that is precious; time that I felt I've never taken. As the second baby she's always had Jenson to contend with and when he did start school she was at nursery. I felt those years at nursery would come back to haunt me if I didn't take this time with her now. 

So that's what these next six weeks are about: making memories. I've spoken to a few Mum's in the playground, who, seeing Wren out of uniform, assume she's had a few sick days. When I tell them I've taken her out for the term to spend some time with her before school becomes compulsory, they have been really supportive. Many have even said they wish they had done the same with their now older daughters. Don't ask me what's going to happen in September because I don't know. It's all dependent on houses and where we end up moving to. What I do know is that if I didn't do this, it would be something I'd always regret.

So, after spending some time playing in our local park, we headed off to Pittville Park for a cycle. Over the half term break, Wren learned to ride a bike and took to it like a duck to water. She's more cautious than her big brother, but that's no bad thing. We also fed the swans and met some signets, which she loved. If it's cute, fluffy and looks like a baby then it's a hit in Wren's book! 

Wren did so well with her cycling. We started at the Boat House and did the whole circuit. After the swans we stopped at the waterfall and had a paddle. She's not a big fan of wearing shoes so didn't need much persuading to take them off. It was delightful. She is a breath of fluffy fresh air compared to her brother. It's wonderful to see her express so much pleasure and enjoyment.

The dragon flies were fabulous too, although Wren was very nervous about them! Really beautiful little creatures, such a pity she was so scared to get up close and have a proper look.

There was much playing, of course, and we avoided the main playground in favour of the less popular playground equipment at the other end of the park. It was quieter, shadier and altogether far more enjoyable. Wren is full of beans and so excitable, everything she did and discovered was fun and fascinating for her.

We rounded our trip off with a rowing boat on the lake. Such super fun and super memories. Mummy was a bit rusty not helped being guided by Wren, who was so keen on spotting wildlife she frequently forgot to tell me that I was rowing into a tree/fountain/river bank/other boat etc. 

So unimpressed was she with my rowing that she asked to have a little go herself and arguably was the better rower!!! 

There was just enough time for an ice cream before heading off to pick up Jenson from school.