Letter To Santa

I was nursing a bit of a headache this morning after several bottles of wine last night with the Mums from school! Timmy Time saved me until about 10am when I finally started to come round. A shower sorted me out and we were soon finishing off Jenson's Christmas list. He's done really well writing it over the past few weeks. It's fairly modest too, the only possible big money busting items are a camera and a scooter. I am all for a camera obviously and have since found a second hand scooter on Facebook for £8! 

Earlier that morning I think Jenson must have had a conversation with Simon because he started banging on at me about wanting some new Lego; a submarine set he had seen in one of his books. Apparently Daddy had told him he had to ask Mummy! Kids really know how to pick their timing. After last night's drinking session I was in a pretty fragile way and my state of mind was very weak. I would have agreed to anything if it bought me a bit of peace and quiet. I did however show some will power. I asked Jenson if he had enough money for said Lego and he quickly went to find his money box. There was 21p in it. I asked him how he thought he could solve this problem.  He suggested he could do some jobs. He quickly got stuck in.

A few hours later we eventually arrived at the Lego shop and bought the Lego. I had told him that he would have to wait for Daddy to get home to help him build it, (my brain definitely wasn't up for Lego today.) To be fair, he was very good and sat in his den for the rest of the day staring at the box with only the occasional phone call to Simon. You can imagine the gist of that conversation! It got to about 3pm and you could see his patience was running out. It was telling when he started to force my shoes on my feet and climb over the gate, shouting over his shoulder, "I'm off to Daddy's office to make him come home and help me build my Lego!!" Wren and I scooted after him and to be fair, his little legs marched him all the way into town! When we arrived Simon told Jenson he needed to work for another 30 minutes. That went down like a lead balloon! Yet no amount of convincing would sway Jenson and he sat on the same spot outside Simon's office until his Dad came out. I admired his stubbornness and determination.