Leaf Monsters

Our best days are the ones that unfold naturally; where little is planned. Today for example we started off in the den before heading out to Montpellier Park to meet friends. I must admit that today's trip to the park was more a chance for me to meet my friends than Jenson's but the kids still had a great time running around for two or three hours getting lots of fresh air. 

The day had started well when I stepped out of the shower. Jenson was by the bathroom door. He told me to shut my eyes and follow him into the living room. Half anxious about what I would find, (normally a dog poo) on opening them I was pleasantly surprised to find that between Jenson and Wren the pair of them had done a proper good job at tidying up. I was so overwhelmed I even forgot to take a picture of the room!

We hopped, skipped and jumped our way to the park. On route some pretty red leaves caught my eye and so I pocketed some for a little project I had in the back of my mind for later. After a few hours at the park, later ticked around quite fast. We came home and lit the fire. Jenson was pretty grumpy by this point, (hunger pains) but with a little nourishment his energy levels came back up.

A few weeks ago, whilst on a photo shoot with Jenson in Hatherley Park, we had found some lovely big green leaves that Jenson had asked to take home with us. They have since been sat on our chest of drawers in the kitchen becoming more and more brittle. This afternoon, I casually laid out these leaves on the dining table. I waited to see the kid's reaction. Jenson's inquisitive nature got the better of him and he pulled himself away from his Lego to take a closer look. He asked what they were doing there and I said I thought he might like to make a leaf family out of them; Daddy, Mummy, Jenson and Wren. The idea seemed to sit well with him. I pulled out a big piece of black card and suggested he could stick all the leaves on it and make a picture. This he didn't agree with. He wanted to turn them into leaf puppets! I take my hat off to him, it was a far better idea. 

He was soon pulling on his boots and mooching around the garden to see what he could find for legs, arms and faces. I was so thrilled to see him engaging with nature and being so creative. I think it is so important for children to embrace the natural environment; to spend time in it and to enjoy it. I think there is something very calming. The next hour sat very well with me indeed. 

A simple green leaf monster turned into a small army of monsters! This is what I love about art and creativity: you never know where it's going to take you. Our idea of creating a leaf family didn't work because Wren decided it was far more fun to rip the leaves up! Having binned one leaf I took another look at it and thought the serrated edge could make a toothy grin. I soon found myself making a crab which then led us onto the subject of crabs and how many legs they have. I said they had eight but wasn't sure so we did a quick Google and actually they have ten! Jenson loved my crab and soon Wren had added her own creation to the table. We were just missing a Daddy. Jenson found a tall, very slim leaf that perfectly fitted what a Daddy looks like to him! A couple of pairs of eyes and it was finished! Our monster leaf family! I think our characters have been captured perfectly!