Snakes and Ladders!

It's been a day of two halves. This morning there were quite a few jobs to do as we prepared for our Halloween party! The kids and I have been working hard planning games and making decorations. It was our third visit to Hobby Craft in as many days and we have exhausted all supermarket Halloween displays! I can particularly recommend The Range on the Tewkesbury Road. We've had lots of fun poking all the battery operated spooky figures who light up, move and talk!

This afternoon it was back to Hatherley Library. They had a craft afternoon where children could make their own snakes and ladders games. Jenson still has the attention span of a gnat and after 10 minutes he had drawn, glued and laminated his game! We've laminator to our Christmas list! It's way too much fun!

Although still half term it felt very much like a home ed day today. It was great to get the kids back into the library. Just being around all the books I hope embedded in them somewhere! Making the game was also an excellent lesson in maths and building the dice taught Jenson how to represent numbers with dots. After game making I read the children a few stories which was lovely. They quickly grew bored though so we headed out to the playground to run some energy off.