A Home Ed Halloween!

Oh what a great day we had today! Once again it was a craft marathon. By the time I got up at 8am, (oh I love no school runs!) Jenson had made a video game out of a felt tip pen, masking tape and a piece of wood, a pair of binoculars and an entire Lego city model. 12 hours later and he was still making some tweaks to his Lego model as well as helping me finish off some Halloween decorations.  

That's been the theme for the day. Halloween wasn't really on the agenda but it kinda took over. A low key trip to Hobbycraft for various stock items including multiple rolls of masking tape and prit stick turned into a trolley load of black pipe cleaners, black card and orange paint. Another £45 spent on craft!

The rest of the afternoon was consumed by bats, spiders and pumpkins! We decorated the front porch with a spooky talking witch that Jenson found hysterical and gave Simon the fright of his life when he got home from work! They also enjoyed a spooky Halloween tea lit by spidery candles!

It's been an awesome day. I've been crafting pretty much from the moment I got up this morning and I'm exhausted! Jenson absolutely loves it though. He's an explosion of craft at the moment. Simon calls me the craft doctor because of the amazing improvement in Jenson. He's a boy who is able to express himself freely through doing something he loves. School could not offer him this level of creative freedom and even when he wasn't at school he was left feeling so tired that he didn't want to engage. It's fantastic to see but I don't know how long I can keep this up for!!!