Home Ed or Half Term?

I can't quite work out if we're on half term or officially home schooling! Jenson doesn't really understand either. He's asked me a few times now if we can visit his friends at school and my explanation never really seems to answer his question. I think it will hit home when everybody else goes back to school. So for now I'm a bit confused. Do I let Jenson have a week off doing not very much or do we get stuck into home education?

We've been home ed'ing for less than 48 hours but already I'm starting to understand that, half term or no half term, the things we are doing are what we would be doing anyway as part of our day to day life. I wouldn't let him watch endless TV even on half term break but we would make an effort to all tidy up, make our beds and help with the washing and looking after the animals.

Today we walked half a mile risking life and limb on the Shurdington Road to see our first fox, (all be it dead). Jenson was pretty scared. He's heard Mummy moaning about foxes after our chickens got eaten by one and he thinks he's next on the menu! We originally whizzed past it in the car and I pointed it out but neither of them saw it so I asked if they would like me to turn around. They both said yes. Jenson saw it going back the other way but Wren still didn't so I asked if they would like to get out of the car to take a closer look at it. They both said yes. So that's what we did. Up close and you could see the wind stirring the fur on it's lifeless tail and it's really sharp teeth still looked really sharp! Both I think left an impression on Jenson who thought the fox was going to get up and eat him! Life's lessons are everywhere, so subtly engrained into the every day we don't even realise we are learning.


If we were just on half term the only thing I might not have done is join the library. Jenson wasn't interested in it in the slightest and I'm sure everyone was pleased to see, 'the mother with the screaming children' leave therefore allowing calm and quietness to resume once more. However I'm pleased we've joined and Jenson has at least stepped foot inside one, (all be it begrudgingly!) He's really interested in space at the moment, (I think they were learning about it at school!) so I thought we might make the solar system over the next few weeks! He seems keen.

Day 1 of home education done and it's a job well done!