The Adventure Begins

Who can shout HOME SCHOOL!!!!!!! 

Who can shout HOME SCHOOL!!!!!!! 

It's with great excitement and anxiety that I write this post. Today marks the start of a new era. I hope it's a good one. 

Jenson said goodbye to his school friends today although it's not really goodbye. We still plan to do lots of play dates. They had a little party in his classroom and presented him with a card. Everyone had drawn a self portrait and written their name under their picture. There was a lovely message written to him too and a picture of his class on the front. I took one look at it and felt myself start to well up! We're taking a lot of happy memories with us and some good and valued friendships too.

Before leaving the school for the final time I wanted to donate Jenson's jumpers, book bag, PE t-shirt and bag. We gave them to Jenson's teacher, Miss Cosh, before thanking her for everything. 

Jenson has always enjoyed playing in the brook after school pick up and today was no different. The three of us played 'Mummy Monster', a game of chase where Mummy eventually captures the school boy and carries him like a baby back to her den to eat him alive!!

This evening we enjoyed a party tea at The Big Fish on the Bath Road with Simon. Jenson was delirious with tiredness so it was a bit like trying to contain the Hulk but we got through the 60 minute meal without the bottle of prosecco getting knocked over!

Going through Jenson's school books this evening I read things he's never told me about. Seeing the warm and caring environment the children are taught in and pictures of the friendships he has made, it does make me wonder if we've done the right thing. I feel like I'm taking him away from his friends and a place where he felt part of something really positive. I worry he's going to feel like an outcast where once he was in a group where he felt comfortable. I just want him to be happy and enjoy a great childhood. Right now I'm feeling a bit rubbish. I'm typing through a few tears with a huge lump in my throat. I think I need something a bit stronger than this glass of wine I'm holding! But then I remember our reasons for doing this and although I'm not feeling confident about our decision right now, I'm really hopeful it's all going to work out okay. The way he shouted, "HOME EDUCATION" at the brook this afternoon makes me feel it will do.

Whilst today was one of many lasts: last time putting on his school uniform, last school drop off, last school pick up, last time playing in the playground, last time kissing him goodbye in the morning and last time giving him a big hug in the afternoon, it's also one of many firsts. It's the first day of a brand new chapter. I just hope the story has a happy ending.