Home Ed Insight Picnic

Today Wren and I were invited to a very special picnic to celebrate the excellence, diversity and joy of home education. 

This event was a response to proposed changes in legislation on home education and the contention that home educators should be registered and monitored. Although we are no longer home schooling, I wanted to go and show our support to our good friends Ally and Arabella, who had organised it.

It was a super day of play spent in the sunshine. We enjoyed picnics, painting and plenty of cake! Wren was her usual quirky, individual self - my own little ray of sunshine who brightens up all those around her.

It was lovely to see her make friends so easily with so many of the children there, she was particularly fond of the girls, and these three were as thick as theives by the end!

There were lots of familiar faces, some were harder to recognise than others with all the face paint on! 

People had gone to a lot of effort to decorate t-shirts, bake cakes and get involved. It's a contentious topic that many feel very strongly about.

I started writing this blog back in June, just after this event took place but it’s now September! The children have settled well into Oakridge School and I’m pleased to say how happy we all are with the decision that was made. We no longer feel like we are missing out on something better, (home schooling). The families we have met at the new school are all so friendly and welcoming, It finally feels we have found somewhere we belong. I’ll always look back with fond memories of our home education experience but look forward to many years at Oakridge.