Gloucester City Farm

Our trip to Gloucester City Farm was fantastic fun plus Wren experienced her very first horse ride, or should I say unicorn ride!!!

Before all that though we met some of the farm’s residents! I just loved this pig!

This billy goat also had Wren and I giggling away!

I couldn’t help but take a picture of this chicken, framed so nicely by the tyre it was standing in.

Wren is a real animal lover and she absolutely loved feeding all the animals on the farm. From rabbits and goats to the guinea pigs and horses.

We went inside the cafe to eat lunch and escape from the searing heat and Wren made this lovely little animal house.

The pony ride was what Wren had been most excited about! I must say she looked so grown up sat in the saddle beaming away.

The very friendly staff helped settle her onto the pony and adjust the stirrups…

…soon after she was being led around the arena like a little pro!

She loved the riding so much I paid for her to have a second go and by the end she was feeling brave enough to let go of the reigns!!

She was one happy little girl!

There was an opportunity to feed the pony at the end and Wren jumped at the chance.

When I finally managed to drag her away from the pony rides, there was just eough time for some cuddles with the guinea pigs. Here Wren is cooling one down with a frozen water bottle!

I’m so pleased I took the decision I did to withdraw Wren from Miserden in order to spend these last six weeks with her before the start of the Summer holidays and September, when school becomes compulsory for her. We’ve enjoyed some wonderful trips out together, made some very special memories and most importantly I feel closer than ever to her.

As with the previous blog, I started writing this one in July but it’s now September. The whole Summer has passed and the children have started at Oakridge, their new school. It’s a fantastic little school with wonderful teachers and parents. I’m looking forward to making lots more wonderful memories with both Jenson and Wren as we embark on yet another new adventure together.