Budding Artist

Wren and I have begun this week in true creative fashion: breakfasting in the sunshine at the Curious Cafe on the Bath Road while doing a spot of still life painting. A jolly nice way to pass a couple of hours. 

I don't think I've ever enjoyed spending time with Wren quite as much as I am now. Over these last five years it has ben rare to have her all to myself without Jenson or nursery getting in the way. As if it wasn't hot enough already with the soaring heat we're enjoying at the moment, I've got my own little ray of sunshine spreading her warmth on me too.

IMG_0453 copy.JPG

It's so remarkably civilised at the Curious Cafe and their breakfasts are just YUMMY! Wren enjoyed some buttery toast washed down with a hot chocolate while I sipped on a glass of cold milk and chomped my way through scrambled eggs and avocado. 


For her birthday, Wren's good friend, Arabella, had given her some gorgeous paints and it has really brought out her artistic streak. Wren had wanted to take the paints with us this morning and she ended up doing a still life of this beautiful hanging basket.

It really was a very special couple of hours where, together, we created a lovely picture that I intend to get framed. It really is a picture of happiness of something that Wren and I have created together, as Mother and daughter, and that means a huge amount to me.

Every now and then Wren asked if she could get down from the table to take a closer look at the hanging basket to get a better look at the flowers and the colours. She would then shout out to me what colour to use and where to use it and then I'd paint as per her instruction. She would wander back and take hold of the brush again and then, in her own little world, just start throwing the paint around the paper.


Just look at her - what a picture, quite literally!!


Here's another painting we did together, a self portrait this time, with Wren adding the evil eyebrows as she called them!!

And finally, she's not one for shoes as this picture quite clearly demonstrates. I don't think I've ever seen feet quite so black.

The rest of the week will be pretty scattered. I'm working on photo shoots all day tomorrow so Simon is looking after her. On Wednesday and Friday Wren has two more taster sessions at school, which leaves us only Thursday to spend some more quality time together. I think we might head up to Crickley Hill to paint a landscape. Watch this space!