The Confetti Fields

After all my photo shoots on Tuesday, I decided to visit the Confetti Fields again today, and this time I took Wren. The flowers had been absolutely gorgeous and I knew she would love them. 

We had a super day chilling in the sunshine. It was almighty hot, so much hotter than Tuesday, where there had at least been a breeze. Today though it was just sweltering. Ice creams were the first thing on the agenda, before the queue got too big. It would be fair to say that Wren thoroughly enjoyed hers, as these pictures clearly show!

After ice creams came the compulsory game of peep-o, a game so many of my client's children loved on Tuesday. Wren was no different. 

It got to about 11am and the heat was already too much for us so we took shelter under a gazebo and pulled out the paints. 

Inspired by our efforts from earlier in the week, together, Wren and I created another lovely painting. 

We then took a stroll through all the different coloured flowers. Wren took so much joy from it all, it was wonderful to watch.

Here she is in her 'house'. Such a picture of happiness, she really is a little treasure. 

She did eventually get in on the camera action and took to it like a duck to water. It's been her first time behind a 'proper' camera and with a little guidance from me she took some lovely shots. 


The following sequence of photos were all taken by Wren. I've cropped them a little and brought out the colours a touch but the focusing and composition was all her own. Such a super star!

Me and my gal enjoying another fabulous day out together. I love making memories with this chick.