The MAD Museum

Our trip to the MAD Museum in Stratford-Upon-Avon on today was mad for lots of different reasons!

This was an event I had organised. A group of 20 home educated children arrived sharp at 10.30am for a morning of mad mechanics and gadgets. I felt a little lost trying to explain to Jenson how various cog and ratchet systems worked. I wished Simon could have joined us to give Jenson a proper understanding about all the fantastic inventions he was interacting with. 

If you've not been, I would highly recommend it. The museum itself is small but by gum do they squeeze a lot of brilliant pieces in! We spent a good three hours there, 40 minutes of which were spent with Jenson staring at a piece that resembled a toilet cistern but actually told the time. He was fascinated by it!

Jenson had great fun playing with a spooky skeleton, who would talk to us sporadically and give us hard stares. It freaked Jenson out in a good way and me in a slightly not so good way! It was a bit creepy but Jenson enjoyed playing peek a boo with it!

When I tucked him into bed that evening I asked if he had a nice day. He gave me a massive hug and said it had been the best day ever! This is home educating at its best, read my next blog for a bad day!