Lost At Sea

It was a bit of a struggle today. The sunshine from yesterday seemed as distant as the fun we had. Some pyjama play preceded a brief beach visit, which mostly involved eating all the lunch I'd made for them so by lunch time, (when they were actually hungry) we had no food. They had a nice enough time squashing some old sandcastles that we'd seen a little boy make the day before. Jenson enjoyed climbing the rocks, but Wren was cold and not in the mood.

We had to go to Barnstaple to buy some essentials, including new winter coats. Jenson and Wren were far more interested in hiding among the clothes rails and jumping out and shouting 'BOO' at unassuming shoppers. We got the coats but didn't hang around.  

Wren being Wren she insisted on wearing her new Winter onesie in the shopping centre. Underdressed on the beach. Overdressed indoors. She makes me laugh! 

We got home at about lunchtime and flaked out on the sofa in front of CBeebies. I felt a bit rubbish letting them do this and even worse when Mr Tumble came on, (I'm not a fan of the spotty bag.) I asked Jenson to help me light the fire but realised we had run out of wood. I was fast running out of energy. That bottle of wine in the fridge was looking increasingly tempting. But no. I resisted and instead we drove into Woolacombe for wood, (and jelly babies, the only bribe that would get them out of the house and away from the TV). I suggested we might try and find some craft. We did.

A few felt tip pens, coloured paper and masking tape later and it was like a different pair of kids, (and a different me!) Suddenly the day started to make sense. Where we had been feeling lost, with craft, we found ourselves again. Jenson drew, cut out and stuck together a fishing boat, modelled on one he had seen on the sea earlier. We talked about what it might have been doing, likely hawling in lobster and crab pots. He then helped Wren to build a Lego house where I had failed earlier even with the proper set of instructions. 

The day ended fairly nicely: tea around the TV watching Peter Rabbit with the log burner warming us nicely. The introduction of craft definitely brought everything together for us. I won't forget to bring it again!