These were the first words Jenson's taekwondo instructor gave at our first lesson this morning.

Jenson is naturally very shy and so I was sceptical that I would be able to get him through the door let alone join in with the taekwondo class. About 15 children lined up in 3 rows of 5 and Jenson was at the back of the second row, desperately clinging onto my hand as if his life depended on it. The instructor started talking and after a few minutes I felt his grip start to loosen and soon after he let go of my hand completely. I gently stepped away hoping he wouldn't come running after me. There were a few nervous glances over his shoulder but the instructor suddenly barked his instructions and Jenson was on the floor doing press ups! 

He never looked back after that. We gave each other an encouraging thumbs up every now and then but Jenson loved being given free range to kick and punch at will! It was all in self defence of course but he didn't fully understand that. I got the impression he was thinking he had more ammunition for his sister!