Wrong Side of the Bed

You have your good days and your bad days. Today was a bad day. I don't know where it all went wrong. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and I was keen for a day of play outside.   


The morning however was spent inside sorting out the kids bedroom. Since the new year I've had a thing about de-cluttering. Cupboards have been emptied and toys have been thrown out. Today was another cull and I am ruthless.  

I guess I didn't push the whole going out in the sunshine thing because the kids were happy playing with Lego and I was happy ridding the house of junk and clutter. 

We had no huge pressure to get out either. Most mornings recently we've needed to get to the vet or chiropractor but today there was no rush so we slumped around in our pjs making the most of it. Perhaps a bit too much.  

We eventually made it out to Pittville Park but my goodness, it was much colder than my flimsy layer was ready for! The children didn't seem to care though and Jenson at one point even tried to warm my hands up by blowing on them! After a few hours though I was numb and we headed home though not before stopping at the Bath Road to pick up tea and have a quick mooch. We also made a quick stop at the bank because Jenson simply wanted to sit down and do some drawing. They know us quite well in there!

At home the TV went on as I continued my cull of the house in our bedroom. I could hear much squabbling and screaming and at one point got so cross with the pair of them they both ended up in their room with ringing ears. 

Moods didn't improve. I've had a short fuse the last week or so, much shorter than usual, but it seems the more I shout at Jenson the more he mimics me and shouts back. He's an angry boy full of testosterone who doesn't do well when he's tired or hungry. I'm a mum who is normally fairly sleep deprived and like all of us under pressure with life and work. Arguments can get pretty heated pretty quickly. 

I think a big problem has been my back. It's been particularly sore since Christmas. Christmas being Christmas a month easily slipped by without any acupuncture treatment. It also feels like I'm continually bending over picking up things after the kids at the moment. That really gets my back up, excuse the pun. 

During our toot on the bath road earlier Jenson had come across a giant plastic car thing. I had refused to buy this £3.50 piece of plastic on the grounds that he'd just spent all his money on new Lego for which I'd already subbed him. It was agreed that we would go back later for it after Jenson had done some jobs.

I was banking on him forgetting all about it but we got in and he busily set to work. An hour or so later and I said we might need to leave if we were to make it to the shop before it shut. We made it in time but the toy had been bought by someone else. It was a hard pill for Jenson to swallow but an important one. He didn't do too badly though. He still got a Danger Mouse magazine which although I didn't approve of had by this point lost all will power. Wren also ended up with six battery operated all singing all dancing moving Guinea pigs. My de-cluttering operation just got more cluttered. 

So dinner was a brief affair, followed by an even quicker bedtime story. We all said the I love you's but our hearts all felt a bit sore.  

Tomorrow brings a new day and a fresh set of challenges. Someone pass me a glass of wine.