Beachcomber Part II

Saturday morning and we were all looking forward to Daddy arriving for the weekend! The children leapt on him before he'd barely walked through the front door and after another one of Grandad's hearty breakfasts we were all back on the beach to see what more we could find.

In the background of many of these photos is the Selsey Lifeboat Station. It is an iconic structure and has been in service for many, many years. It is in the process of being torn down and replaced with a new lifeboat station that will be easier to look after and cheaper to run. Sadly you can no longer walk along the gantry as they have already started to remove parts of it but I have many fond memories of taking the children along there when they were smaller.

Jenson had another great day exploring the many miles of shingle. He was desperate to find a giant crab claw after Simon had found one and given it to Wren whilst we had been at the other end of the beach! I suggested we might want to search near the fishing boats. One can often find many discarded crab parts scattered near by from where the fishermen have hauled the boats up the beach after bringing back their morning catch. It wasn't long before Jenson had jumped into one of the fishing boats to try it out for himself!

As well as crab shells we also uncovered some dog fish that had been left behind in one of the boats. We're not sure why they had been left behind but the children enjoyed feeling the rough skin with their fingers.

After a good two hours it was all getting a bit tiring for Wren so we took a slow stroll back along the beach front. Jenson led the way, laden down with a very full bucket and enourmous bag full of his beach finds. He was looking forward to getting back to the house to show Grandad.

As usual, Jenson emptied everything out onto the table and began to sort through it. Grandad was on hand to help identify anything new and unusual. Jenson was particularly keen to show Grandad a rusty old chain and lock that he had found. It was pretty big and definitely pirate like! 

Grandad was particularly impressed with a bunch of Lesser Dog Egg Cases or Mermaid Purses that were still entwined together. Technically I found them but as with any IRI, (Item of Real Interest) they got quickly acquired by Jenson!

Even after beach combing there was still time to nip to Grandad's allotment to pick some leeks for tea before heading to the swimming pool for a serious splash! Whilst at the allotment they unearthed the odd worm that ended up being two worms after Wren had finished with it! 

Another great day. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!