The Wilson

After dropping Jenson off at school, Wren and I called into Primrose Vale Farm Shop. It was barely 9am but by Wren's standards, that's already an hour too late for an ice cream!

We called back at the flat before climbing on our bikes and cycling down to The Wilson. Once there, we briefly stopped off at the new interactive gallery, before heading over to the 'Stay and Play' area, where we spent the majority of our time. 

We took in a few of the exhibits on our way - Wren just loved the sparkley tiaras!! 

We settled into a corner of the gallery and Wren made us all a picnic. I say us, I mean puffin, donkey and bear!

In the picture below she is on the phone calling me from the shop to check if there is anything else we need for the picnic! 

With nothing else left to buy, she begins to serve us up the drinks.

This is Mummy looking a bit silly. Photo credit - Wren!

After the Wilson we stopped off in Montpellier Park, where Wren always loves riding her bike. 

Seeing me taking photos I think inspired Wren as she soon became very keen to take some photos herself. All the pictures that follow are by Wren. I've cropped them and tweaked them a little, but the angles and composition are all her.

My budding photographer!!