Leaf Pressing

As well as doing our bit for conservation, this week we've also been busy making cards out of all the flowers we pressed a month or two ago. They are only plants and flowers from our garden but there is a lovely variety here that the children had fun trying to identify.

Here they are busily sticking the delicate leaves and petals onto their cards. 

We had a super time learning about different flowers. The children did well identifying a few species too. Jenson was able to recognise a sunflower and a primrose. I pointed out that we also had lots of other flowers and plants including willow leaves, poppies, wild cherry, daisies and nasturtiums. 

I tried my hand at a few cards too and stamped some of them with the words, "Merry Christmas"!

As always, LEGO is never far from Jenson's mind and this gigantic robot was the result of a morning's labour! 

Also this week I had an all day photo shoot in the studio, which Jenson helped with!