Literature Festival 2017

Inspired by the Cheltenham Literature Festival, this week we have focused on the theme of storytelling. We've attended workshops, created LEGO storyboards and made TV and pop up books. Jenson made me a heart out of LEGO one morning and it kind of sums up how we've felt about the projects we've done. It hass been lovely to see his enthusiasm because he doesn't enjoy reading or writing. 


Monday turned into a very doggy affair. It all began with a Tracey Corderoy workshop and although Jenson's enthusiasm wasn't there from the off, by the end, he was stood up on stage getting actively involved.

There were doggy biscuits for the children to decorate...

...and spiders to make too.

Afterwards we had a play in the park before nipping off to pick up Wren from nursery. Wren has just started to tell us all how much she is enjoying nursery, which is nice to hear, because the guilt does set in knowing how much of my time Jenson needs at the moment. There will be a time though when she commands my attention as much. Further more they are two completely different children with two very different sets of needs. 

We weren't that familiar with the adventures of Shifty and Sam before we went along to the event, but we've since brought a couple of books and the children have loved having Simon and I read the stories to them at bedtime this week.


When we got home, we spent the rest of the afternoon making doggy biscuits or rather, biscuits fit for human consumption in the shape of dog bones!

The children have been so enthusiastic about storytelling this week. Often I've found them sitting at the table in the morning, having helped themselves to cereal, busily drawing away and chatting to one another. 

On Tuesday Jenson and I attended another event at the festival called Dragon's Gold. We were the last ones to arrive and the first ones to leave, with Jenson only being able to tolerate twenty minutes of it. 

We did have another event we were meant to attend on Thursday but we've been so engrossed in our own storytelling activities we didn't make it along.