Last Day of Term!

Today marked a bit of a landmark in our home ed journey. Jenson's friends broke up from school and are now officially on their Summer holidays. Does that mean we are too? Well, what should have been a day of celebrating everything we have achieved so far turned into a kick in the teeth - literally.

The day started well enough with a trip to Primrose Vale but things quickly turned sour when we arrived at the dentist for Jenson's first ever check up. Who knew this was something he should have experienced when he was just two years old? The dentist clearly felt it his duty to tell me. 

Feeling already rather inept by this piece of news my incompetence was compounded further when the dentist told me two of Jenson's teeth have decayed so badly they will need removing under a general anaesthetic in hospital. Before I could speak, he went on to tell me that 98% of cases are diet related, meaning that was was my fault that my son's teeth were falling out. I was nearly in tears as we scurried out of the dentist's room and by the time we were home I was. Simon helped me see sense. Turns out some children are more predisposed to teeth decay than others, much like heart disease it can be heredity.  

It wasn't a great way to celebrate reaching the end of our first school year of home schooling. I felt like the worst mother in the world when really I should have been celebrating a feat that many wouldn't even try.

I don't want to dwell on Jenson's teeth in this blog because I want it to be about how I'm feeling now Jenson has come to the end of Year 1. We have reached a milestone and to all the home schoolers out there who insist that learning doesn't stop when the holidays start, it has stopped in our house! This isn't because the children need a break from it but because I do! I put myself under perhaps unnecessary pressure to see the children learn and discover things and I'm looking forward to a month or so where I can feel that pressure lift a little. I'll also be taking a break from blogging. Whilst I enjoy sharing our home ed experiences there are times when it's nice to keep our life private too. The Summer holidays will be ours and we will keep it to ourselves.

I wish you all lots of love and fun over the Summer and we'll catch up in September xx