LEGO Club Play Mats

WOW! What a scorcher it has been. I was fortunate to have the weekend off but with Simon in London on Saturday and me and the children all feeling a little tired/hung over from Friday's grand day out and evening shenanigans we holed ourselves up and chilled with movies rather than attempt anything strenuous. 

Saturday morning was spent with Jenson's friend Angus, who had stopped for an impromptu sleep over. The boys got stuck into some quilling and loved designing their own treasure maps.

Angus's Mum won't mind me saying this because we are good friends, but whilst the boys played I took a quick look at his spelling book and it was incredible. Even I was a little daunted by it all. I asked the pair of them how they might spell the word SOME. They both sounded it out well and Jenson was equally able to perform the task. I took great reassurance from this. Jenson is indeed not behind, despite what others might think. The only thing it proved is how fruitless the spelling tests in school are because it's clear that very few of the children are able to remember how to spell the words correctly, despite getting the spelling right at the time. 

That evening Jenson found it impossible to go to sleep, a pattern that has continued for most of this week. On several occasions I found him on top of the old rabbit cage having climbed out of a window. On the plus side, he has been keen to read his new book, "The Enormous Turnip". I found it in the Red Cross book shop on the Bath Road last week. It is a story, dare I say it, that he was introduced to at school. I even saw them act it out as I was in the classrooms on that particular day taking photos of the teachers for the school website. So you see, it has some meaning to us. The book itself is a vintage Ladybird read it yourself one and to be fair to Jenson, he read it remarkably well. He sounded the words out and when he didn't sound, he simply read the word by recognition. They are brilliant books that tell lovely stories. In my opinion, they are a far more interesting read than Biff and Chip, the content of which I found so monotonous so centered was it around phonetics. 

This morning was spent picking the broad beans and getting ready for LEGO club. We also took our very first first delivery of the i newspaper. Reading the papers on a daily basis is something I'm really keen to get Jenson involved with. 

Jenson also came across this Tiger Moth, which was enjoying sunbathing on our potato plants. Both children were fascinated by it to the point that I had to put it in a jar for a few minutes so they could get a better look at it.

As you can see, my attempt to get Jenson interested in the papers has fallen short. Wren on the other hand is keen!

So LEGO Club was another fun packed session of building, drawing and making. This week Jenson had chosen play mats as the theme. I thought it might be fun to do this on a large scale so used some of my old studio infinity paper.

We had a nice turn out and the children made some wonderful creations.

Much later that day, at about 5pm, we ended up in Pittville Park. The children enjoyed some chill time although it was still incredibly muggy. 

And finally, an action packed day was rounded off with some snooping into next door's garden! Here Jenson is with my empty studio roll that makes an excellent telescope! On realising his first attempt was at the wrong angle and therefore had him looking into the sky, he grabbed a stool to give him the extra height. A really small activity but again one that demonstrates how he is learning all the time and how he is able to work things out on his own independtly of me.