Seeds, Glorious Seeds!

I'll be updating this blog post all throughout the Summer to keep track of how our seedlings are getting on. 

Just three weeks ago we planted a whole range of exciting vegetables. We have been observing their growth rate carefully and watching how they transform from tiny seeds into beautiful little plants. The children are always so excited to visit the greenhouse and see progress. It was the first thing they asked to do when we arrived home yesterday having spent the Easter weekend at Grandma's house in Kent. We are really hoping for some delicious produce over the coming months that we can all enjoying picking and eating together. 

Sunflower seedlings at 7 days and 13 days after planting. Just look at the difference a week makes! The children and I will need to thin them out soon and plant them into bigger pots.

Day 21 and the sunflower seeds look like a mini jungle! The children and I need to thin these out to give the seedlings more room to grow. 

Day 23 and the children and I have been busy thinning out the sunflowers. Jenson did a splendid job with the paper pot maker and replanted the majority of the sunflower seedlings by himself in the end, (abandoned by me who became rather preoccupied with the nesting blue tits!)

We've got most of the sunflowers scattered around the garden, but here are just a few of them 57 days after sewing.

Pea seedlings at 7 days and 13 days after planting. Once they are a little more establised we can plant these straight into the ground.

The peas are coming on really well. Here they are on day 21. 

We planted the pea seedlings in between the raised veg beds in front of the fruit trees. They grew really well here two seasons ago. Here they are 57 days after sewing.

The first sweetcorn seedling appears 13 days after planting and on day 21 there are more breaking through.

Only two of the sweetcorn seedlings germinated and here they are 57 days are sewing.

The first cucumber seedling appears 13 days after planting, with more bursting through the soil on day 15. By day 21 they are getting bigger and more seedlings pushing up.

Not many of the cucumber seedlings germinated and the ones that did have been enjoyed by the slugs, despite our best slug repelling efforts. Hopefully these ones, at 57 days after sewing, will continue to grow and flourish. 

Runner beans 13 days after planting and just two days later, look how much they've grown!

On day 21 they have nearly all pushed up through the soil. It won't be long before we can plant these out. I'd like them to get a little bigger first to harden them off and give them a chance against any pests. 

We are so pleased with how the runner beans have done. Here they all are zooming up the support frame at 57 days after sewing!

The first broad beans appear 15 days after planting and look how much they have grown by day 21!

The broad beans have also done really well. They are scattered in various containers around the garden, but here are some 57 days after sewing.

The first courgette seedling, (climbing variety) appears 15 days after planting. On day 21 there are more pushing through.

The courgettes need planting out asap, but here they are 57 days after sewing. Look how much they've grown!

Pumpkin seeds 15 days and 21 days after planting. The children are always so excited to see how much these seeds have grown!

Only a handful of the pumpkin seedlings germinated but the ones that have look very strong and healthy. You don't need many pumpkin plants because once they start growing, they consume space like there's no tomorrow!!

The first marrow seedlings appear 15 days after planting and there are more pushing through.

After 57 days, the marrows have come on really well. I planted these out this afternoon, (24/5/17).

What a difference 6 days make. Here are the climbing bean seedlings at day 15 and day 21. 

Despite being nibbled somewhat, the climbing beans are still going strong. We planted these into two separate containers, here is one of the baskets 57 days after the seedlings were first planted.

On day 15 there are plenty of courgette seedlings, (Midnight variety) pushing up and on day 21 they are even bigger!

After 57 days, the courgette seedlings are growing into super strong plants. We've got lots of them scattered all around the garden.


For the last few weeks we've been picking some of our yummy vegetables. Courgettes, climbing beans and broad beans are all ripening and continue to provide us with fresh vegetables for our tea. The pumpkins are a long way off but the peas look ready to eat. The sunflowers are about to come into bloom and the climbing courgettes are also doing well. Cucumbers are in the greenhouse and we can see some baby fruits appearing. The runners are starting to show some decent size beans. Marrows are ok, they look about the same size as courgettes at the moemtn! Sweetcorn are getting bigger but no fruit yet. 


We've been busy harvesting our vegetables over the last month, and enjoying watching our sunflowers grow - they are looking magnificent - one is well over 8ft tall!