LEGO Club Easter Special

Our special Easter themed LEGO Club was cracking good fun today! There was plenty of creative thinking from both the parents and the children as we all tried to make some fantastic Easter Lego models and mosaics.

Before all that though came the preparation. This started on Friday with the children filling all thirty of the plastic eggs we had brought with LEGO mini figures, as well as the odd mini chocolate egg as well! Jenson was engrossed in his own imagination, creating wonderful designs for the children to unwrap. What's more it gave me another opportunity to get him to practice his counting. After our epic potato count last week, he managed to count right up to thirty again today.

After a wonderful weekend of sunshine and much work for me, this morning came around quickly. At 8am Jenson was asking if we could write in his learning journal. He can write really well but it's good to keep him practising. The sentence below was what he wanted to write and it made me chuckle in light of our own Easter egg hunt we would be doing later today! Perhaps it was a hint to Mummy! After writing came numbers in the form of reading What's The Time Mr Wolf. Jenson can easily identify written numbers and so it was another good practical exercise.

We moved on from filling eggs on Friday to collecting eggs this morning! It is the first time the children have gone out independently to collect the eggs without help from me. I was excited to see them troop off together, basket in hand, but nervous as to how many casualties there would be! Surprisingly, there was only one broken egg, which Wren dropped! Jenson is brilliant at catching chickens now, which I love to watch! It's all about grabbing the tail and putting a firm hand on their back. It's good for his confidence to be able to handle animals. 

LEGO Club started prompt at 10.30am and the children all had a good go at making some lovely Easter mosaics, the patterns of which I downloaded from the internet. 

At the end of LEGO Club came our very special LEGO themed Easter egg hunt, which the children all absolutely loved! They climbed on bins...

...and looked behind paving slabs.

Wren was thrilled to find an egg she had helped me hide earlier that morning! We are all such numb skulls that none of us could remember where we had hidden any of the eggs!! 

Once all thirty eggs had been collected, the children sat down and shared them out, well all except Jenson, who sat on the swing bench on his own. I asked if he wanted to come and sit with the others but he said he wanted to sit by himself because he was too shy. He said he wanted to be on his own because it was too busy and noisy. Some of the children there have actual diagnosed disorders and yet they were all able to join in. It makes me wonder about Jenson.

The children all loved opening their Easter eggs and were thrilled to discover mini chocolate eggs and the LEGO mini figures that Jenson had included too. 

Much fun was had reassembling the parts that Jenson had included.

Even the dog got a sniff of the odd egg!

Here are some of the designs that we made. We all had so much fun making them!