Easter Trees

This morning we were up to our eye balls in egg shells to hang on our Easter trees! We painted, we stuck, we taped and we had a lot of fun getting messy!

For the last week or so we've been saving all the egg shells from the eggs our chickens have been laying, and they've been busy girls, especially the little bantams!

So we got straight into painting and the kids had a lot of fun. They loved the new paint brushes and paints I had bought especially for this activity. The brushes were very shaped, perfect for drawing different line weights and the paints were heavy acrylics to help get a better application. 

They enjoyed mixing the colours as much as the painting and by the end both had wonderful palettes. 

Wren enjoyed painting both the inside and outside of her eggs, as meow watched on!

When all the egg shells were painted we headed outside to find suitable branches that would become our trees. Unable to share a tree, they each chose separate branches! Loving Wren's choice of shoes in this pic!

Next came the fun part of hanging the little egg shells, but not before some silly fun as Jenson discovered they made quite good goggles too! 

We used tape and ribbon and then filled the eggs with tissue paper before placing a little chick in each one. As usual, the children ad libbed a bit but their ideas are always so much more free flowing than mine and it was great to see them putting their own interpretation on the activity. 

Jenson's tree was pretty minimalist in its design, with just two or three eggs hanging. 

Wren's on the other hand was very sweet and had a real air of Spring about it.